Dentures are made using manufactured teeth in a range of shapes and shades that our dentists will help you select from. These are then skilfully crafted into an acrylic base that is constructed from a mould of your mouth.

Dentures can be used for both complete and partial replacement of missing teeth. Should dentures follow a tooth extraction the denture can be fitted immediately so that nobody would know that you have had a tooth out. Your dentures can make a world of difference to you and with our expert consultation will fit well, be comfortable and look like natural teeth. Usually it will take around four appointments, from initial consultation through to fitting, to create a quality complete set of dentures.

Initially it will take a little time to get used to your new denture, particularly if it is your first. We will be there for you through every step of this and can make any adjustments needed.

Valplast partial dentures are elasticated dentures that ‘snap in and out’ of your mouth and consequently are more retentive. Partially dentate patients like these and they are available privately on request.

Asden House Dental Clinic is currently offering this service for between £700 – £2000, please call us to book a free consultation.