Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients

Our dentists are all very experienced in dealing with anxious and nervous patients. With a kind and patient approach there are very few patients who cannot cope with dental treatment but on occasions we do need to refer for sedation.

Sedation is designed to help those individuals who are unable to cope with receiving dental treatment in any other way. By its very nature it involves taking more time out of work and we will always offer you alternatives first.

If following examination and explanation of the treatment required we decide sedation is the best way forward for some or all of your treatment we can refer you to a clinic or treat you here at Asden House. This is dependent on the nature of the work to be carried out. Complex work under sedation may only be available on a private basis. Please ask your dentist about the sedation fees.

Will I ever feel differently about visiting the dentist?

It is highly likely! As you get to know and trust your dentist, hygienist and other members of the dental team at Asden House Dental Clinic, your fears will dampen. In time you will come to see your regular visit to the dentist as just another part of your normal life.